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Andrew Speaker

Co-Chairman of the Board

Andrew Speaker was appointed co-Chairman of our board of directors in June 2014. He was appointed as a director in September 2011. Mr. Speaker served as our Chief Executive Officer from April 2011 to June 2014. Since June 2014, Mr. Speaker has continued to work on special projects for us. Prior to joining Smart Sand, Inc., Mr. Speaker was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mercer Insurance Group, Inc. and its subsidiaries since 2000. At Mercer, Mr. Speaker held various offices including Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer. Since June 2015, Mr. Speaker also has served as a director of a privately-held company. Mr. Speaker received a BS in Accounting from LaSalle University. We believe that Mr. Speaker’s industry experience and deep knowledge of our business make him well qualified to serve on our board of directors.
Chairman of the Board